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The attorneys at Kohl & Cook offer individualized, smart, and considerate legal representation to Ohio consumers and small businesses.  We are attentive and compassionate to the needs of people, consumers, and small businesses.  Our advocacy is practical, thoughtful and aggressive to the extent it is in our client’s best interest.  Profits should never come before the people and local businesses we stand beside.

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Columbus, Ohio law firm serving consumers, people facing foreclosure, individuals, and local businesses.

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Having a foreclosure filed against your home is your opportunity to stand and be heard.  To many Ohio consumers, dealing with banks or mortgage servicers alone is a long, frustrating and insensitive process that quickly leads to feelings of anger and hopelessness.  Often times people simply give up and do not seek out experienced legal representation that can help avoid or prevent a foreclosure sale.  The good news is that you are not alone.   

Consumers going through this struggle and the attorneys at Kohl & Cook Law Firm understand that the events and circumstances that lead to foreclosure are often unique and complicated.  There are tools, resources, and remedies available to help you fight back against big banks and mortgage servicers.  Many times a foreclosure can be resolved through loss mitigation options, temporary payment plans, loan modifications or beneficial non-retention plans. The lawyers at Kohl & Cook are here to help Ohio consumers and homeowners by holding banks accountable by providing personalized and practical representation.

As consumer, small business, and foreclosure defense lawyers in Columbus, Ohio, Kohl & Cook Law Firm, LLC focuses on representing people against bad actors throughout the state of Ohio.  Kohl & Cook may be able to help you avoid adverse consequences such as bankruptcy, untruthful credit reporting, and loss of your home by holding banks, mortgage servicers, and other corporations accountable for their actions.