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About Us

The Kohl & Cook Law Firm was established to provide smart, individualized, and effective legal representation to consumers, individuals, homeowners and business owners in Ohio.  Likewise, our attorneys understand that even with the best laid plans, unpredictable issues can arise.  Just because people fall on tough times or are of modest means does not mean that big corporations and banks can walk all over them.  Next, the attorneys at Kohl & Cook take time to know each of their clients on a personal level, understand their needs and develop a unique and aggressive strategy with an eye to the future.  Finally, we pride ourselves in offering personalized representation for you! Contact our attorneys today and let us know how we can help.

We Represent People Like You Everyday


We understand foreclosure lawsuits, loan modifications and mortgage companies can be difficult to manage. Also, we provide homeowners with practical legal strategies that help reach the client’s goals and objectives.


We advise consumers in Ohio who have been treated unfairly in consumer transactions, by debt collectors and mortgage servicers. Our lawyers have experience in state and federal courts working on behalf of consumers. 

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Business Owners

Owning a business should not require you to overpay for legal representation or be subject to unnecessary litigation.  Being a small business ourselves, we strive to provide affordable and goal-oriented legal representation for business owners in Ohio.

Who We Are

Personal | Practical |Compassionate

 The lawyers at Kohl & Cook Law Firm are here to provide compassionate and personalized representation for you.  At Kohl & Cook, each of our clients is treated like family and will receive personal representation from each of the firm’s principals, Sean and Tim. In addition, the partners at Kohl & Cook take time to understand the needs of every client and insist that, no matter the size of the case, each client be treated as a priority in order to offer thoughtful and practical legal advice based on an individual’s unique circumstances.

 Kohl & Cook offers a free, personalized consultation for you on the following legal matters:

  • Foreclosure defense
  • Loss mitigation or loan modification resolution
  • Mortgage servicing violations
  • Harassment by debt collectors and junk debt buyers
  • Lemon law
  • Consumer protection
  • Excessive robo-dialing and automated messaging
  • Inaccurate credit score and consumer disclosure reporting
  • Business formation
  • General business representation
  • Oil and gas / title opinions
  • Business litigation
  • Business compliance 

Above all, if you are an individual, consumer, person facing foreclosure, or business owner in need of an effective and passionate law firm to serve your unique needs, please contact Kohl & Cook to setup a free consultation immediately.

We Are Here For You

Our Mission: Offer personalized representation for you that meets your needs.

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