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“Eternally grateful.  Tim Cook is a consummate professional. Due to his impeccable knowledge of the law, Tim and his law firm were able to successfully save my home from an illegal foreclosure. Once the foreclosure was rescinded, Tim also negotiated a fair and affordable mortgage for me. My family and I are forever grateful to Tim, he never gave up on me. Thanks to Tim, I am now poised and in position to cross the finish line of this very taxing 3+ year journey…victorious! Thank you Tim Cook!

– Jonna ( 

My wife and I had become victims of a couple of mortgage companies that had deliberately mishandled our mortgage and refused to accept payments causing us to fall behind. At first, we thought that contacting them directly would help but soon realized that we were just a number. So I reached out to Attorney Kohl and what a wise choice! Not only did he understand what the mortgage was doing but he pointed out it was illegal and went to work for us! His attention to detail, professionalism and constant updates put my wife and I at ease. Needless to say, he is the reason that we still own our home and if you should use his services, he never gives up. A1 class act. Believe me you won’t be sorry! 

– Mark Anthony Jones Sr ( 

“I was very pleased with all the hard work, representation and the favorable outcome Tim Cook provided me with in my court case. He was very helpful keeping me posted as to how things were progressing before our court date. I have never needed an attorney for dealing with a mess caused by hiring an incompetent contractor, after hiring more than 20 contractors over a 30 year period. Unfortunately, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and the Better Business Bureau were of no help. I had to deal with a mess I never thought I would be in. Tim on more than one occasion helped calm my concerns about matters. He did an excellent job of preparing my case for review by the judge and achieving a favorable settlement for me. I was very impressed as to how he handled dealing with the judge and how he made me feel at ease in court. If it had not been for Tim’s help, I would have been forced to pay almost $22,000 for a window install mess and then paying for another window purchase and install again.”

– Robin Lanning (Google) 

“If you are in need of a lawyer who is very thorough, knows the law and is committed to ensuring that their clients are treated in adherence to the law, Sean Kohl is your man!  He was an absolute pleasure to work with.”

– Sonia Jackson Myles (Google) 

“Amazing team! They are honest and dependable and will tell you 100% if they do not believe they will go anywhere with your case. Many sharks out there today will say anything to take your money and we need more people like this out there. An absolute pleasure to work with them every time!

-Tina Booth (Google)

“I have never been more thrilled with a law firm. They are very professional and worked diligently to settle my case. They kept me updated every step of the way during the lawsuit. I asked many questions and they were very responsive and told me many times no question is a dumb questions.”

-Kathy Dunaway (Google)

“Sean and Tim are a great team. They work very diligently to make sure you have the best representation. They are very honest with you and do not promise more than the reality. They conduct research on laws to work for you if they are there in writing and are not afraid of taking on the big banks in any instance. They will guide you properly and you always know where they stand. A great team of professionals and are highly recommended if you are having issues with foreclosures.”

-William Hanna (Google)

“I was referred by another friend who is also a lawyer. They were very attentive and, asked pertinent questions about my situation. They gave direct prices for each service they would provide for my issue and, were honest with me about how to handle my situation. I will attempt to fix the issue like they suggested but, if I need lawyer services, they will be my first call! Thanks for the help!”

-Cessy K (Google)

“Tim Cook and his legal partner were very supportive right from the very first phone call. Foreclosure is a very personal and scary situation to be in. Tim exemplified keen insight in the foreclosure landscape – The Laws, the players (mortgage companies), etc.

In addition, he gave me a sense of hope; which, in addition to his knowledge of the law, was key above all else. I needed to know I had someone on my side, fighting for my home and my rights. This is a true talent that is not inherent in all attorneys.

In the end, I kept my home and moved forward with a clean slate after some financial difficulty from a divorce.”

-Holly O’Brien Hull (Google)

“After being named as a defendant in a foreclosure suit for a home I sold 15 years ago I contacted Sean Kohl. Sean spoke with me multiple times over the phone and provided several options for my case. After choosing the option that was best for myself and my wife, Sean continued to stay in contact with us during every step of the case. Unfortunately, we were named in a case that we had no financial interest in, however, Sean did everything in his power to complete our case as quickly and economically as possible. I highly recommend Kohl & Cook Law Firm, LLC.”

-Patrick Toole (Google)

“Sean and Tim did a great job working out a settlement with a scammer and advice in dealing with a bank that made a mistake that caused me damage and made the whole situation worse by helping the scammer. Thanks to them I ended up being made whole. If they hadn’t stepped in this never would have worked out this well. They did more than they had to when they saw that I needed help. I can’t say enough about their character and abilities to get the job done. they really know what they are doing and it shows. Thank you!”

-David Keller (Google)

“The attorney ,Sean Kohl, resolved favorably my consumer fraud case. The case was resolved quickly. Sean kept me well informed throughout the whole litigation process. Sean has excellent communication skills. Thank you Sean very much for your handling of my case.”

-Neil (

“Sean and Tim provided great support and assisted with all my needs in a very timely manner. Their communication throughout the process was top notch.”

-Shane (

“I had a great experience with Tim as I hired him to help with a legal dispute over a real estate contract. He was always very knowledgeable of the process and took control of the situation while keeping me informed along the way. He ultimately helped me settle the case in a manner that was satisfactory to both parties. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for representation.”

-Roger (

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