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Kohl & Cook Law Firm is based in Ohio and provides legal assistance and strategies to business owners experiencing consumer and employee legal issues. We also provide new business owners with proactive services aimed at preventing future legal issues and costs. The small business attorneys at Kohl & Cook take time to know each of our business clients, understand their needs and develop an aggressive and practical strategy so that clients can focus on growth and profits. 

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Small Business Representation – The attorneys at Kohl & Cook are business minded and conscious of both the joys and risks involved with owning a small company in Ohio.  Kohl & Cook takes pride in its reputation for personalized, quality business representation that comes with big firm sophistication without sacrificing its boutique nature.  If you own a company open for business in Ohio, Kohl & Cook offers full-service business representation.  Kohl & Cook can serve as your company’s local counsel, provide general counsel advice, complete transactional work and serve as lead litigation counsel in both federal and state courts in Ohio.  Contact the Ohio business representation lawyers at Kohl & Cook to see what tailored legal services make sense for your business.

Business Formation and Planning – If your business or company is engaged in economic activity in Ohio, you need to be aware of the risks and benefits to registering with Ohio’s Secretary of State.  In most cases, entities must submit certain documents and/or obtain licenses before it can operate in Ohio.  Also the type of business you choose will effect the way you are allowed to operate your business. Kohl & Cook Law Firm can help you navigate and understand the different types of entity filings available with the Ohio Secretary of State.  Our attorneys can assist you with required paperwork and advise you of how best to protect your business in Ohio. 

Asset Protection – Asset protection is a key part of managing a business. Learning how to properly protect your business and personal assets from creditors and other legal entities is important. Kohl & Cook Law Firm is equipped to answer your questions and advise you on practical steps you can take to protect assets and develop proactive litigation prevention strategy.

Contract Drafting and Review – The attorneys at Kohl & Cook Law Firm help business owners in Ohio draft and review contracts for their consumers. Companies routinely spend valuable resources revising and litigating issues with “one-size-fits-all” form documents.  Our attorneys regularly litigate and work with consumers, so Kohl & Cook has the experience and a unique perspective to help business owners draft proactive contracts, especially when compliance with federal and Ohio consumer statutes is at issue. The attorneys at Kohl & Cook Law Firm will consult with your company’s stakeholders and review the mission of your business to offer custom contracts, agreements, policies, manuals and other documents tailored specifically to your needs. 

Registered Agent –  A registered agent, also known as a statutory agent, is the entity designated to receive any service of process when a business or company is involved in legal actions such as lawsuits. Without a sophisticated registered or statutory agent, your company is at risk of surprise lawsuits and default judgments.  Kohl & Cook Law Firm is centrally located in Columbus and its attorneys regularly litigate in Ohio’s state and federal courts.  Kohl & Cook’s boutique size, litigation success, and geographic location make the firm uniquely qualified to serve as the first line of defense for your business.   Large corporate law firms focus heavily on multinational corporations whereas each of Kohl & Cook’s business clients receive unique and individualized attention.  Contact Kohl & Cook Law Firm and ask about its reasonable monthly and yearly rates to serve as your company’s registered or statutory agent in Ohio.

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