Starting a Business in Ohio

Starting a Business in Ohio

OHIO BUSINESS REPRESENTATION | STARTING A BUSINESS IN OHIO Kohl & Cook Law Firm offers a variety of services to help individuals and corporations start a business in Ohio. We provide new businesses in Ohio with proactive services aimed at preventing future legal services and costs. Small Business Representation Business Formation and Planning Asset Protection

Business Formation and Planning in Ohio

BUSINESS LEGAL SERVICES | BUSINESS REPRESENTATION |  COLUMBUS, OHIO ATTORNEY Business Formation and Planning in Ohio Our lawyers assist new business owners file for business licenses in Ohio and understand the different types of entity filings available with the Ohio Secretary of State. Depending on the type of business you are creating, you may be

Find Debt Relief From Aggressive Debt Collectors

LAWYERS PROTECTING CONSUMERS FROM DEBT COLLECTORS | CONSUMER ATTORNEY OHIO At Kohl & Cook, we know how burdensome debt can be for you. Debt does not simply mean financial hardship; it can also cause a tremendous mental and emotional strain on your well-being. Harassment from aggressive debt collectors or collection agencies can cause constant stress.

Columbus Ohio Attorneys Saving Consumers from Consumer Fraud

PROTECTING CONSUMERS IN OHIO | COLUMBUS OHIO CONSUMER ATTORNEY Kohl & Cook Law Firm in Columbus, Ohio provides protection to consumers in Ohio who are a victims of consumer fraud. If you are a victim of consumer fraud you can get in touch with our consumer attorneys now by calling (614)763-5111 or click here to

Lawyers Who Draft Contracts for Business Owners in Ohio

PERSONALIZED BUSINESS REPRESENTATION IN OHIO |  ATTORNEYS WHO DRAFT CONTRACTS AND OTHER LEGAL COMPLIANCE DOCUMENTS The attorneys at Kohl & Cook Law Firm help business owners in Ohio draft contracts for their consumers. Our attorneys regularly work with consumers, so we have a unique advantage to help business owners draft contracts for their services. Why

Have you already received a foreclosure notice in Ohio? Here is what you can do

OHIO FORECLOSURE DEFENSE | STOPPING FORECLOSURE IN OHIO If you have already received a foreclosure notice in Ohio, it is important to contact a foreclosure defense attorney as soon as possible. The foreclosure defense attorneys at Kohl & Cook Law firm have experience representing homeowners facing foreclosure. Our attorneys have successfully advised homeowners on how

Are You Eligible for a Loan Modification in Ohio?

OHIO LOAN MODIFICATION ELIGIBILITY | FORECLOSURE DEFENSE ATTORNEYS COLUMBUS OHIO Loan Modifications in Ohio are ideal for homeowners struggling to pay their mortgage due to financial difficulties. Your eligibility for an Ohio Mortgage Loan Modification depends on who services your mortgage. Almost all servicers have similar qualifications: You experienced a documented hardship or change in

How To Stop Foreclosures

HOW TO STOP OHIO FORECLOSURES | KEEP YOUR HOME | RECOVER YOUR ATTORNEY FEES FROM THE BANK   The traditional ways to avoid foreclosure include: loan payoff, loan reinstatement, and in certain instances bankruptcy. This blog post will explore how to avoid foreclosure and stop the sale from occurring using federal law and submitting a